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A brand adds character, life, and dimension to a business and influences your clients' overall experience. To put it simply, your brand represents your promise and commitment to your customers. It describes what they should expect from your products and services, and how they differ from those of your competitors.

Whether you want to build a new brand or refresh your existing brand that tells customers that you are relevant and you're connected to your industry (changing the logo, revamped look, etc.); Or perhaps you are seeking a rebrand in which you want to tear down everything & start over from scratch.

Building a bridge between your brand and customers is what our branding strategy does which makes consumers want to come back and do business with you.

What’s Included?


  • Creative Logo

    Business logos are essential, visual representations of your company that establish your brand identity. A professional logo allows you to build a prosperous, successful business by attracting our target audience. Investing in a great design will make you stand out from your competition, create a professional visual presence, and ensure consistency over all your platforms. In creating your new brand logo or updating an existing one, we analyze the communication strategy of the brand you wish to create.

  • Custom Brand Promotional Gifts or Corporate Gifts

    Corporate gifts can build a company’s image. They create an incredible feeling of association with the brand as it conveys that your business is esteem, urges them to proceed with the association, or even become a brand evangelist. Corporate gifts leave an enduring impact on clients as your products will be seen and used multiple times. At Medcotech, we create premium quality, innovative, and customized corporate gifts that elevate your brand in the minds of your clients. Learn More

  • Socially Available

    Our team makes sure you communicate exactly what you do and what you offer to your target audience, so the world knows what you are all about. Your social media presence is created and managed by us so you can focus on your core business objectives. We create effective strategies tailored as per your audience, create and distribute content for social media profiles, keep a track of online conversions, collaborate with influencers, and observe, measure & report on your social media performance and your ROI. Managing social media might seem challenging. But when you entrust Medcotech with digital marketing activities, you achieve your business goals more efficiently.

  • SEO, SEM & SMM

    Google algorithms are constantly changing and adapting to improve the user experience. If you want to harness the potential of your business, you need to be on top of your game when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. We give you the reports on your SEO trends, performance metrics of your social media platforms and measure the impacts of SEO, SEM & SMM on your business. With Medoctech your business gets the promotion it needs.

  • Graphic & Video Creation for Business

    Are you looking for designs and videos that help you define your brand? Make all the right noise with your brand’s voice through Medcotech. We produce the designs and video concepts after a series of brainstorming sessions with a clear target audience in mind. Each element is strategically placed taking aesthetics into account. The copy/video is carefully produced to convey the message, give an insight into your business, and lay an effective impact on your clients. Unlock your brand potential with our creative & eye-catching results.

  • Offline Branding

    Integrating offline & online marketing strategies helps increase brand awareness and brand reach. . If you feel that online space is becoming too crowded with each passing day and that your business is receiving less attention (not an issue with medcotech to rescue), you can always opt for offline marketing. Print advertising such as flyers can be a part of offline marketing, and by using scratch cards and coupons we can boost engagement. Similarly Television, Radio are all true and tried methods of promotion. From billboards, flyer distribution, temporary exhibitions, newspaper ads, to setting up and managing kiosks we do it all as per the custom needs of the client. Learn More

What Clients Say

Dave Jeffrey
New York

Medcotech create seo-friendly content that my clients love. They are great strategists and always help me shape campaigns that deliver great results.

Dan Gillmorl

Nanotext create seo-friendly content that my clients love. They are great strategists and always help me shape campaigns that deliver great results.

Bob Voss

Nanotext create seo-friendly content that my clients love. They are great strategists and always help me shape campaigns that deliver great results.

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Our Process
Is Simple

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    Understanding The Essence Of Brand

    We sit down with you to determine your brand focus and personality. We research, learn your needs, understand the habits and desires of your current and prospective customers. We then move on to designing your logo and developing your brand.

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    Logo Design, Website Creation, & Social Media

    The foundation of your brand is your logo. Your brand is communicated through it, and we help you fix it. We create your website in a way that helps you grow your business in the modern marketplace. Moving on to make your branding more impactful we create and manage your social media accounts so that you can advertise to customers across the globe. Your logo, website, packaging, and promotional materials will all be the brand strategy we build.

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    Online & Offline Marketing Strategies

    To nurture consumers and move them towards conversion, both online & offline marketing strategies are important. As per our experience, consumers respond more positively to this approach than if both mediums were treated individually as it delivers a consistent brand message.

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    Following the implementation of your brand strategies, we evaluate their effectiveness. The idea is to have an impact on the way that your company feels, sounds and looks to your customer. For this reason, we leave no stone unturned to accomplish what is expected of us. Based on your feedback and our reports, we rework or redesign the project as necessary.

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