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With a world that's changing by the second and social media filled with content and campaigns, it's easy to wonder if we're in the right place and are doing the right things. Don't worry, all you require is guidance. A veteran in this field who can connect you with your potential clients and help them understand your product/service is all you need. Don’t fall behind the times. Find out how Medcotech can enhance your business.

What’s Included?


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Is it frustrating to have amazing products, services, and blogs in place but not enough audience to consume them? Search Engine Optimization is your answer. For your business to be relevant, it is extremely important that it ranks highly in search engine results. Our business is to optimize your page, increase organic traffic and make you stand out even in the crowd.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Search engine marketing has become a crucial online marketing strategy for companies as more consumers research, use, and shop for products and services online. SEM is a highly effective tool for driving highly qualified traffic and conversions to your website. While SEO takes time to grow, results with SEM are immediate. What’s even better? Only pay when they click. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar store, an e-commerce business, or a big company, paid search marketing should be a part of your digital marketing strategy.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    Social Media is made up of social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. You can use social media platforms to engage with your audience, increase sales, and drive website traffic by connecting with them. The following strategies help you achieve these goals: publishing great content across your social media profiles, listening to your followers, engaging them, analyzing your results, and running social media advertisements. Your social media ads can help consumers find your retail location, download an app, watch your videos, purchase from your online store, or take other actions on your website. Don’t be overwhelmed; Let us handle this for you while you focus on running your business.

  • Content Creation & Optimization

    We create content tailored to your business’s needs. Considering the needs of your audience and covering their interests will improve the conversion rate for your site and increase the quantity and quality of leads. Whether it’s a technical article, a business blog or hundreds of distinct product descriptions for your e-commerce store, or an SEO-optimized landing page for your service, we handle it all.

  • Creative Graphic Design

    Communicating with people creatively, artistically, strategically, and effectively is what we do with our Designs. By using our innovative design, your business ideas are expressed clearly and colorfully so that your target market is attracted rightfully. We can help you to achieve consistent growth through our powerful design, nonetheless of whether your business is in the expanding stage or you just started. Our designers are here to turn your thoughts into designs.

  • E-Mail Outreach

    Email outreach is the process of sending email marketing campaigns to specific individuals to encourage them to take action. We can create targeted campaigns like marketing offers, product announcements, newsletters, or event promotions. To ensure the success of our email marketing campaigns, we have a team of professional sales strategists and email deliverability engineers. So Why Wait? Let’s kick your email outreach game a notch higher.

What Clients Say

Dave Jeffrey
New York

Medcotech create seo-friendly content that my clients love. They are great strategists and always help me shape campaigns that deliver great results.

Dan Gillmorl

Nanotext create seo-friendly content that my clients love. They are great strategists and always help me shape campaigns that deliver great results.

Bob Voss

Nanotext create seo-friendly content that my clients love. They are great strategists and always help me shape campaigns that deliver great results.

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Our Process
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    Platform/Page Creation & SEO

    We create visually appealing, search engine-friendly, and functional web pages while providing simple, intuitive navigation. Combining SEO and web design is a powerful digital asset. The tendency is that your search engine rankings will only improve when you focus on the technical and visual aspects of your website that give your visitors the best experience.

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    Developing Strategies

    A digital strategy is the best way to stay ahead of competitors, capitalize on current trends, and prepare for the next innovation. We identify your business need & goals to create a digital strategy tailored to your business to improve efficiency, maximize revenue growth, and reduce operational costs. That said, as your business evolves, we will ensure you remain competitive, increase efficiency, and remain on top of your game.

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    Create attractive Graphic Design

    With Graphic Designs, each business will establish its distinctive style, tone, and identity among competitors. Brand recognition and familiarization are boosted by this. At Medcotech, we believe a good design is a good business. Thus we create only the best for you.

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    Going Live and Analyzing

    We are a team vested in the success of your business. As soon as your strategies are in place, your page goes live, and we analyze response and performance. We use our experience and tools to determine what approach works best for you.

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QAR 1200
QAR 2200
QAR 4500
QAR 6000
Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
LinkedIn, YouTube)
Platform Account Setup355+5+
No. of Social Media Posts - Custom
Creatives / Month
Custom Designed CreativesYesYesYesYes
Unique content, specifically created
for your business
Free ad credits for post promotion
200 QAR400 QAR600 QAR1000 QAR
Additional Paid Campaigns20%30%50%Unlimited
Scheduling & Publishing
Performance Report with Analytics
Audit & Remedial ActionYesYesYesYes
Setup Fee
500 QAR1100 QAR2250 QAR3000 QAR
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